This project was initiated in response to the prevalent challenges faced by women regarding clothing choices and the associated inconveniences


I conceptualized this project in response to the challenges women commonly encounter when it comes to clothing choices and the associated inconveniences

Problem Statement

In today's world, we've got so many clothes, yet picking the perfect outfit for different occasions or daily wear can be quite the challenge, right? It often leads us to buy more than we need, which not only costs us extra money but also drains our precious time, energy, and resources

In our modern wardrobe, we often struggle to choose outfits for different occasions, resulting in overspending and wasting money, time, and energy.

Potential Solution

An innovative Closet Management Solution designed to digitally organize users' clothing items and outfits, simplifying the search for specific items and effortless outfit selection

My Role

As a UI/UX Designer, I conducted market analysis, user research, developed information architecture, crafted wireframes and prototypes, conducted user testing, and iterated based on feedback

Design Process

I organized my design process using the Double Diamond approach, emphasizing problem analysis as a crucial step in discovering and crafting effective solutions.


Qualitative analysis

My interviews with a diverse group of 7 individuals, including students, homemakers, and working women, revealed distinct mental models and cognitive patterns related to clothing choices

Quantitative analysis

"I conducted a survey involving 30 individuals, and here are the survey findings."

I asked questions about :

- Their clothing and shopping habits

- Their fashion goals and challenges

- Their closet organising problems

- Their feeling about a app that solves thier challenges


Competitor Analysis

I conducted competitive analysis to assess the strengths, weaknesses, and suitability of various apps already existing in the play store and App Store to solve this problem of closet management

Desk Research

I also conducted desk research, delving into the experiences and challenges documented in existing closet management apps on the market

What users liked
  • Categorisation of items
  • Presentation of data, including frequently worn colors and item
  • Additional shopping recommendations

Pain points
  • Manually capturing photos of their clothing proved to be a laborious task
  • Ineffective outfit recommendations within the app.
  • Expensive subscription options

Information Architecture


Low Fi Wireframes

Visual Systems

Hi Fi Wireframes

Walkthrough screens

Onboarding screens

Home Screen

My outfits and create new outfits page

My Armario and shared Armario

Friends and shared armario


Conducting usability tests with 7 users on the Hi-Fi prototype provided insights into the product's user-friendliness. While users generally found it comfortable to use, a closer examination revealed specific usability challenges


- The screen is divided between Outfit Suggestions and the Calendar, diminishing the visibility of the outfits. Also, users didn't understand why there was a calendar icon on the picture. And, clicking the next and previous icons didn't feel very user-friendly to them

- Users had difficulty viewing the outfits recorded in the calendar because the images were shrunk too small. Additionally, users didn't log outfits every day, resulting in blank spaces on the calendar.

- Users found it challenging to connect the tags they entered to the categorization criteria due to the color change of the asset


  • The outfit suggestions section has been revamped into swipeable cards, featuring clear instructions for outfit logging on the selected day. We opted for a dropdown menu for category selection and implemented a full-screen layout for improved visibility and usability.
  • In the calendar, I decided to display logs as date tiles to enhance visibility and eliminate empty spaces
  • As users found it challenging to link the tags they input to the categorization criteria in other screens, I employed the same pill asset to establish a clear connection between the two.

Other Work
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