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In iOS, Screen Time offers real-time insights, app limits, and parental controls for improved screen time management. The project's goal is to enhance these features


In iOS, there's a feature called Screen Time, granting users real-time insights into their device usage, the ability to set app time limits, and even manage screen time for their children. This feature fosters mindful screen usage and informed decisions. Personally, I'm driven to introduce a new feature or enhance existing ones to inspire users to better manage their screen time.

Problem Discovery


To identify a pertinent user challenge, I explored the Apple Support Community and analyzed reviews for recurring inconveniences and user suggestions. My primary focus was on reviews unrelated to technical issues

Initial findings

I discovered that children faced a significant issue with parental control over their screen time. Furthermore, they had learned to circumvent these restrictions by manipulating the date and time settings. In fact, numerous videos on YouTube, created by both children and adults, provide instructions on bypassing these restrictions. This not only undermines the purpose of screen time limits but also fosters negative habits of dishonesty and deceit.

Effect of smartphone on mental health

To gain deeper insights into the behavioral patterns of both children and adults, I delved into articles exploring the connection between smartphone usage and mental health

Numerous studies have established a link between smartphone usage and conditions such as depression and anxiety across all age groups. Additionally, research indicates that excessive smartphone use can impede brain development in children

Quality over Quantity

Research findings emphasize that mental health is influenced not only by the amount of screen time but also by the nature of that screen time. Passive engagement is associated with negative effects, while active engagement is considered healthy. Moreover, technological advancements have enabled extensive research into monitoring mental health through smartphone usage patterns.

Problem Definition

User stories

Drawing from the research findings, I have crafted user stories to gain a deeper understanding of user requirements.

Measuring success

How would we define success once these issues are resolved?


Through my research and user stories, it became clear that relying solely on screen time data isn't enough. We have to take into account the quality of usage as well.

I started asking myself question about how we might measure Digital Health?

With the help of data and AI, we can create an algorithm and assess daily digital health.

How might we calculate Digital health?

Where might we show Digital health?

I started thinking of how and where might we show Digital health ? I made an Information architecture of the currentScreen Time feature to find any possibilities of integration.


Since, I decided to integrate Digital health for a seamless experience. I made minor changes to the existing design with the new features.

  • The bar color shows the daily average digital health along with daily avg time.
  • The length of the bars indicate the time.
  • The height of the dotted avg line indicates time whereas the color indicates health.

I also created a Digital Health section.Through this screen, I decided to show the breakup of Digital health for each app used and Digital health of usage. This feature helps users become more aware of their digital consumption.

Navigation : Setting > Screen Time > See All Activity > Digital Health


It was also important to reflect Digital health in the Screen time widget. I decided to show this data only on the large size widget.

The Digital health percentage for each app is shown in the widget.

It was also important to reflect Digital health in the Screen time widget. I decided to show this data only on the large size widget.


As this is the first iteration, I would like to do user tests and A/B tests to see if the solution works.

Some other considerations :

- Implementing this solution would require a substantial amount of data and AI to analyze the connection between Digital Health, app usage, time spent, user age, and their digital interactions

- It's important to consider data privacy concerns here. So, we could explore alternative methods, such as keyword analysis, to understand user engagement

Other Work
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